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Diversity & Freedom

The words that best describe Torremolinos are Diversity and Freedom, but to really understand why first we need to know more about the Pasaje Begoña.

In this tour we will explore the city, learn about its history, monuments and curiosities but above all we will discover this small passage that gives meaning to the Torremolinos that we know today, a place that became famous in the world as an island of freedom

A tour to rediscover Torremolinos

In this tour we will discover the history of Torremolinos, we will talk about its origin and evolution, we will know the different cultures that influenced it, the legacy they left us and the reason for its name.

The main focus will be on the most recent history when, during the twentieth century, Torremolinos was involved in a tourism revolution that would crown it as the capital modernity and freedom worldwide. We will talk about this revolution, its birth, its boom, the dark and the light.

Our guides, accredited by the Junta de Andalucía, will help you, with enthusiasm and passion, to rediscover this beautiful and special place.

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The history of Pasaje Begoña

Without a doubt, Pasaje Begoña is the highlight of this tour since, in a way, the passage and everything that it meant shaped what Torremolinos currently is. Its origin, its construction, its premises, its ambience, who frequented it, and its tragic outcome. Pasaje Begoña is so interesting that we want to leave you a brief introduction:


At the beginning of the century

Back in the 1920s, the first tourists, pioneers in a new era, fell in love not only with the sun and the beach, but with the people of and their hospitality. The atmosphere of freedom that was breathed here.

Liberty island

The lighthouse in the dark

Torremolinos in general, and Pasaje Begoña particularly became a testimony to freedom. Famous and anonymous visitors from all over the world came to this small passage to express freely without fear of being  themselves.

The big raid

June 24, 1971

A day that Pasaje Begoña will never forget. What at first seemed to be the closure and demise of a beacon of freedom, time would turn it into something special and unique, a legend and a myth.

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